Bastardos United

Genre: Nu-Jazz, Downtempo, Chillout

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“DJazz” started in 1998 in Zwolle (The Netherlands) inspired by Jazz-hop Projects such as “Jazzmatazz“ (by Guru), “Buckshot LeFonque” (by Brandford Marsalis) and “Urbanator" (by Michał Urbaniak). The formation featured: Alexander Hartgers (trumpet), Roelant Hollander (sax, beat creator), DJ Phaze (turntables), Johan Schipper (Fender Rhodes), Rutger Renden (bass) and Roy Kieftenbelt (percussion). The project stopped to exist when Roelant Hollander Immigrated to Bulgaria.

DJazz was revived again at the end of September 2007, specially for the first electronic music (mini) festival of Trip-BeatMiks (an underground electronic music organization founded by Dimitar “VPD” Kalinov and Roelant Hollander) at Comics Club (Varna). The members of the formation were: DJ Emotion and DJ Ivo-but-not (turntables), Chavdar Gochev (guitar) and Roelant Hollander (saxophones, beat creator). After that performance the project pauzed again, due to the lack of time and the individual goals of its members.

In 2008 and 2009 Roelant Hollander participated in the Jazzprofilactika project of DJ Emotion, DJ Jijo and DJ Ivo-but-not. This pleasant experience made them decide to revive DJazz once again. This time with the following musicians and DJ’s: Roelant Hollander (saxes, beat creator / composer / arranger), Miroslav Petkov (trumpet), DJ Emotion & DJ Jijo (turntablizm) and Ivan “Bastardo” Boyadzhiev (studio engineer – the “ears” of the project). Composing new tracks, re-editing some old pieces from ‘98 and creation of various remixes started again.

In 2010 they started working on some tracks for an EP (expected to be released in the beginning of the summer of 2011 under Bastardos United) and an album.