Bastardos United

ARTIST: EVG (feat. Maria Mioko)

TITLE: "Take Me 2 U" EP

Release Date: 25 May 2011

Catalog Number: BSU 006

Genre: Vocal House

Track Listing

  1. Take Me 2 U
  2. Take Me 2 U (Dub)


Here it is – the sixth release by the Bastardos family. Already well known, EVG (one of the Seaside Project duo) is ready to spread his own style of sound to even wider public.

This time, EVG collaborates with the Bulgarian diva with Japanese name Maria Mioko who rocked the clubs around with her astonishing live performance. Inspired by the forthcoming season Take Me 2 U comes out in two slightly different versions to cover the need of fresh dance music for the summer.

So if you would take a piece of advice: "go and buy it unless you want to hear someone else wining the crown of laurels just by spinning that tune!"

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