Bastardos United


TITLE: "Funky Man" EP

Release Date: 07 June 2010

Catalog Number: BSU 001

Genre: Tech House, Deep House, Electronic

Track Listing

  1. Funky Man
  2. Funky Man (Seaside remix)
  3. Funky Man (Sober & Sobar remix)
  4. Slow Time
  5. Slow Time (alternate mix)


The opening track "Funky Man", which is a tech-house track with frisky melody, solid beat and jacky percussions, promises to shake the bacon on every occasion.

EVG from Seaside delivers a remix of "Funky Man" in a more minimalistic manner. He offers splashy techy percussions with a different point of view on the original's synths and splendid work on the vocal samples.

Boss label Bastardo in co-operation with sax player Roel Hollander, forming the Sober & Sobar team, bring us a lovely summer-fueled acoustic reading of "Funky Man".

The other two proposals in this fiver are two versions of Seaside's "Slow Time". With its deep synths and drivin vocal workouts the first one gives the release a fullness of color. In the second version the guys from Seaside bring us back to the feeling of the first two tracks with its sleazy electronica, dirty vocals and unexpected trumpet.

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