Bastardos United


TITLE: "Freak" EP

Release Date: 06 August 2010

Catalog Number: BSU 002

Genre: Deep House, Electronic

Track Listing

  1. Freak (Original Mix)
  2. Freak (Club Mix)
  3. Freak (Punkart Remix)
  4. Come-On (Original Mix)
  5. Come-On (Alternate Remix)
  6. Come-On (Sober & Sobar Remix)


The next Bastardos United comes as hot as the august heats! On this occasion the guys from Seaside Project continue to develop their inherent frisky tech-house style.

The opener, with its minimalistic bass line and catch-me-if-you-can clicks'n'clacks, makes a perfect summer addition to a variety of DJs cases. The remix from Seaside pumps things up while saving the original structure of the track, whereas the Punkart remix kicks the rooftop with acidish Chicagoan bass.

"Come On" carries some of that pitched up vocals we've met in the first Bastardos United release and yet again comes in two versions. First one relies on Seaside's characteristic sneaky fashion of exploiting, that childish sounding vocals to bring us a nice playful feeling one needs when the weekend comes. Alternate version gets a bit spooky on the way of getting you into dancing mode.

Last but not least there's the Sober & Sobar remix which is a good example of modern-electronica-meets-jazz. Dirty contrabass, fine sax solo and lovely work on the vocals on this one.

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